Friday, February 11, 2011

Another incredible day today

Today while a little overcast was a super day to be on the snow. Had a few flurries on more than one occasion. Never got much if any above freezing so the snow is all just fine. Parking got a little wet but is already firming up with the sunset bringing cooler temps. Three families from the KC area spent last night and today on the slopes. Great people.

Have a live music in the lodge tonight. First time they have performed here. Also have about 80 high school students here from Roland Story........some tubing only but most are on skis and snowboards.

I gotta believe that based on the forecast for this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday will be awesome. We still don't think with the warmer temps that we will be in trouble keeping enough snow to stay open. Time will tell I guess. Once again when you partner with Mother Nature, anything is possible.

A couple pics taken moments ago as the sun was setting for the day.......

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