Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slow melt

Today is predicted to be warmer than Monday and Wednesday is a little warmer yet and finally Thursday is to be the warmest day of the week...........but we are confident that we will still have snow. We did NOT groom Sunday night, nor Monday, nor today.....as we wanted the snow to remain hard for the warm spell.........but tonight after the sun sets and the freeze in the valley is upon us we will groom for tomorrow's school group. With these changing temps it is quite the game we play deciding "to groom or not to groom" and if it is to groom then it becomes when to groom and how deep should we set the tiller......but we are normally right..........no ........I should have said Joel is normally right with his decision.

So this week we have a school tomorrow. Another school on friday. Open early for the final time this season on friday from 10 am to 9 pm for ski and snowboard. Live music in the lodge Friday night. Armed Forces Days starting Friday and ending Monday. And a niece with her family from Chicago coming Friday night for the weekend and another niece from DSM coming with her family on Sunday.

enjoy a few more pics from this weekend......

see you tomorrow night at 4........

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