Monday, July 28, 2008

Keepin On at Seven Oaks

Checked out the progress this past Friday and Saturday of our two big projects. No pics this time but a whole lot, I mean a lot of dirt has been moved. Picture in your mind the top pulleys from the former Keaston surface lift and that is the elevation we are nearing as the top of our mountain gets higher. It is the goal that when you get off this chairlift (named Valley View Chair Lift by the way) that you will ski and carve all the way to the bottom. Seems with the continuing weather pattern, we get a day or two in, then get rain so we wait for a couple days to let things dry out and then repeat the process. Do you think this rain pattern will be our snow pattern this winter!?

.....and on the lodge, the new entrance (ticket sales and retail) is finished. Have to put the bulbs in the canned light fixtures in the ceiling and eventually get the ceiling fan purchased and installed but I think we will start using the space this weekend, even without the floor covering. Looking Good!

Friday night is our August Friday after Five......DJ, Chair rides, drink and food specials, all B4 the kids return to come on out and enjoy with your SCHOOL COLORS.

Also getting ready for the State Fair (booth in the varied industries building), had a big class reunion last Saturday and a wedding reception this Saturday, lots of canoes, kayaks, tubes going out and several paintball groups.....and wow was there a lot of tent campers last weekend....whew.......and it should continue like this for at least six more weeks........hope you are taking advantage of the summer weather too.

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