Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Progress Report on the Chair Lift

Saturday, July 12, the equipment arrived and started moving dirt at the top of the Freeway--near the Keaston surface lift to create the unload area for the additional chair lift being installed this year. The Keaston has been removed. Here is a photo of the Keaston before work began.

And two quick pics of some of the equipment being used to make the runs longer and the top of the lift higher.

Goal = Keaston removed; runs higher & longer

On Sunday, July 12 we began the disassembly of the chair lift. Step one is to remove all the chairs so they are ready to transport to Seven Oaks. ... and so the cable can be inspected before it is removed. Here are the chairs removed from the haul rope and ready to load onto trailers for the ride to their new home at Seven Oaks.

This is the shot of the LAST chair to be removed after six and one half hours of work. Twigg, Joel and son in law Jody did the work....... I represented management!

And a couple shots of the chair lift before the disassembly begins. You will note that the terrain at Seven Oaks is much steeper than here.

This chair will also be a rear load chair.

Then on Monday, July 14, Joel accompanied the inspector from Missouri as he gave a "thumbs up " on the condition of the steel cable (haul rope). The process has begun! We'll keep posting photos as work continues. Snowmaking in November will be here before you know it!

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