Friday, July 18, 2008

Progress comes one nail and one cubic yard at a time

Progress continues to be made on the two major projects currently underway for the summer.

Here are a couple pics of the ticket/retail room as the knotty pine is being nail at a time and there are a lot of nails!

The door on the left side that you can see goes into the lodge and the door to the right leads to the sidewalk between the bridge and the former entrance to the lodge. I think you will like it.

And here are a couple shots taken yesterday of the reshaping of the top for the ultimate installation of the triple seat chair lift........and many, many cubic yards of dirt are being moved. This is going to make these four ski trails sooooo cool. Can't wait.

Abbys Alley, Freeway, Central Park and Kenzies Korner will be longer runs and all easisly accessed by the new chair lift.

All this is happening while we see many of you for a full service river float or one of the many paintball groups.

Hey, make sure you stop and say hi at our booth at the State Fair in a couple weeks. North wall in the varied industries building.

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