Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Earth work is pretty well done and........

.....we hope all our skiers and riders enjoy it as much as we already do.........we're excited and there isn't even a chairlift installed yet.......and there is no snow yet.........but WOW is it going to be different. When you come off this lift you will ski to anyone of four trails. Best estimate is we made three of the runs about 300 feet longer, new shape, new vertical............come on winter......well come on winter after we get the chair installed.

I would include a photo but I really don't think it would do the CHANGE that has been made justice. It is something you are just going to have to see ......in person.

(see comments) Here is an older picture. The chair will unload now on a new top of trail that is several feet higher than the dump box of the truck in this photo.

Next is getting the profile of the chair line shot so the towers can be engineered.

More later.......see you at the state fair.


Anonymous said...

pleaseeeeeeeeee show us the regrading.

Seven Oaks said...

Well okay then, but it might take a couple days with staff being busy with river floats, paintball and the state fair. In the meantime, I have added an old picture to the original blog. The dirt is now higher than the top of the dump box on the truck to give you a little visual til I get a picture.