Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photos as promised

The photos in my opinion don't do justice to what the real world is but I don't know how to capture it on'll just have to see it in person to totally appreciate it. This shot was taken from the new unload looking at the entrance to Abby's Alley. You can see we also reshaped the entrance.
This one is a shot looking back from Abbys Alley to the unload. You can see a pole on the left in the foreground, then the big oak tree then another pole. We have made the chair lift unload taller than the pole that was used for the Keaston last year.

and this one is a closer look at the unload.

and here is a shot looking from the entrance to Kenzies Korner looking back at the unload. The different piles of dirt off to the sides is the black dirt that will be spread out and seeded when we get closer to the fall growing season.

Here we are a few feet off the unload looking toward Kenzies Korner and the Central Park trails.

See you on these slopes in a couple months.


Anonymous said...

very nice!!! lots of hard work in the summer will make for great skiing this winter!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing, as does the new addition! Can't wait to see it this winter! I am coming for or no kids (with broken bones!) Have fun at the fair!

Your loving niece!

Brett said...

Is it true that the terrain is being moved to black? why?

Seven Oaks said...

Brett, yes, the plans are to move the terrain park to the Drop Zone. Snowboarding has continued to grow in popularity at Seven Oaks, as you probably know, so we want to devote a larger area to the park. You will be able to access the new park from two directions....from the Drop Zone and from Abby's Alley. Fresh snow will be easier to provide where needed as well since we have outlets for the guns all along the lift. We think you will like it. And oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the ease at getting to the park from the original chair without a lot of leg work.

Seven Oaks said...

Brett -

Thanks for the comment. Some of the reasons we changed the location are as follows-- Snowmaking hydrants are located in a better location for the predominate northwest winds- the park demands a lot of snow and we feel we will be able to get the park up and running faster and will be able to dust new snow more often keeping the park fresh.- the old park runs were narrow and did not allow for us to make good "lines" thru the park. The park ended up being tight and was difficult to maintain with the groomer-about 1/4 of the way down Drop Zone there is a natural roller that will allow us to build multiple hits with varying levels of take offs across the hill.- the landing will be steeper. I am strongly thinking that we will add a rope tow beside the tube lift for a new rail yard (NEXT YEAR)- only going up to the bottom of the evergreen trees. We will have a rope fence down the old triple chair lift towers to separate the park from the green run but will have an opening somewhere around tower 4. I think everyone will be pleased with the move-

Joel Bryan- GM

Tim Ehrich said...

Outstanding work folks...must have been tough moving dirt with the prolonged wet and cool conditions.
Daylight hours are getting shorter which means it is getting close to wax and tune time.
Look forward to seeing the runs under snow and the lodge renovation.