Friday, November 13, 2009

Time will tell........

Time will tell if the forecast for the last full week of November is accurate or not but as of now the forecast has Monday night the 23rd as the first night we could make some snow. The first four days of that week are predicted to have a couple 16 degree nights and a couple 22 or 23 degree nights.......hope so. We are anxious and we are ready.

As you might have seen we are getting quite a few suggestions for the new trail name......I'll give it a few more days then decide. Too late for the brochure trail map, but we can update the large map that we have posted on site each winter and we'll update the trail map on the web as well.

Had a meeting in the lodge Thursday night, an ISU house party in the lodge tonight, and employee interviews Sunday afternoon.

Got some of the Seven Oaks clothing articles ordered this week too. Some pretty cool stuff selected.......I am anxious to see it.

I say again, that if you have a Facebook account, you should consider becoming a friend of Seven Oaks. The number is growing daily and it will be a good place to stay current on what we are doing this winter. We'ld love to have you join the group.

enjoy the warm days.......they are numbered........

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