Saturday, November 7, 2009

I guess it was like the Roman Empire

The family business continued to grow and expand for about two decades, but like the Roman Empire, as great as it once was......things changed....and unfortunately today the ski resort is closed. I think there was something like seventeen ski areas in the state at one time in the 80's.....and today there are four. Youth began being involved in so many different opportunities that were offered on weekends........computers and computer games changed the face of our young people too.......schools began dropping out of the winter ski trip program for budget and political reasons.......and all those changes combined with the most uncontrollable of them all......the weather........especially rainy weather and warm weather during the winter can take a heavy toll on a ski area........causing the areas to fade at a time until there are four......

Seven Oaks has had the objective from day one to diversify and offer year round outdoor recreation. Only time will tell I guess if the strategy and business plan we continue to embrace will allow us to be here for you for years and years to come. I think so.

It is 8 am on Saturday, the ski is blue, the winds are light, temps are warm, last nights Friday after Five was busy, a wedding party is setting up the lodge for an afternoon wedding and reception and the dozers are working on the finishing touches to the new ski trail and enlarging the dam so we have more snow making water capacity. And tomorrow we host a fund raiser for our little two year old buddy Landon Russell who has already endured more treatments and hospitals than most of us will experience in a lifetime. So glad that he is getting healthier each day.

I promise to get a picture or two of the new trail........of course you know it won't be like seeing it in person......or better yet riding or skiing it in a couple of weeks.......but we'll get them posted.

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Anonymous said...

my first memory of skiing in Iowa was at ski valley in 1977. 4 rope tows and most of the current terrain at seven oaks. It was amazing when the T bar showed up. No more ruined gloves or glove protectors.