Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just checked

Here are three different sources for low temps starting next Monday and Tuesday night:

KCCI says 35 and 31

WHO says 33 and 29

Accuweather says 30 and 21

Do I dare get my hopes up? Man oh man just get cold and we'll blow the snow.......

Everybody......start your snow and cold weather dances.......WE ARE READY !


Anonymous said...

yes!!!! so am I!!!

Nick Dell said...

Dont forget.... Some of us have been doing the snow dance since August..... (and actually made first tracks the frst week of october on 1 inch of early morning snow!)

I am just waiting for the day

Anonymous said...

Mother nature has been pulling our chain for about 3 weeks now... have you looked at the ten day forecast lately, I think this time might be the real deal! when do you guys begin making snow?