Thursday, January 15, 2009

We kinda lost a ski instructor

AJ has been an instructor for us the past three winter seasons but left us a week ago to spend three months studying abroad.........err.......down under as an ISU student.......majoring in....well, I don't remember......maybe majoring in fun! She was a good instructor, the staff enjoyed her and her pupils on the snow regularly commented to us at the end of the lesson what a great job she did.

well .......anyway, she's there and sent us an it is........

"Just wanted to say Hi from Australia. I have just settled into my place in Broadbeach Queensland after a wonderful week in Sydney. I hope all is going well there and I will send some pictures in the future that I promised to share with Rick. Its very sunny here and about 10minutes outside leaves me very red. The beach is beautiful and I will do some surfing for you all. take care and enjoy the snow!"

A.J. H

Have a great time AJ and we will look forward to the pics and the stories when return.

we open Friday at in tomorrow.

Enjoy Winter

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