Saturday, January 10, 2009



Officially I am hearing 6 fresh inches of snow last night but when cleaning the walks this morning I am thinking it was closer to 7 or even 8 inches! And all powder. Had the great debate last night with staff and several riders and the concensus was while it might be slow........leave the I did. Groomed Abby's Alley, School Yard and Kenzies Korner. .........leaving Drop Zone, Freeway and Central Park with the natural snow.

If it is toooooo slow, I might go groom later but we'll see ......and it is what everyone wanted last night. Here are a couple of pics moments ago after the first riders made the fresh tracks for the day.

Late Nite #1 is TONIGHT at 9:30.

Right now the snow has stopped, the sun is out and it is bright white beautiful.

Oh yeah, had six regular riders find me last night and tell me the new double jump is the best Seven Oaks has EVER built........real wide and long. Hope you like it. Took the older top jump and made a roller out of it. It can be lipped for a jump again if enough want.

enjoy winter


Anonymous said...

I rode your park all day - it was awesome! I felt like the larger of the kickers could be pushed back about 10 feet, add 2 or 3 feet to its height, smooth the run-in and bam* you have a nice booter that can give some lofty airs without bombing to flat!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha great late night session, but if you get a chance i wanna see the pic put up of the guy launching off the barrel jump... That was the greatest failure i have ever seen! Hope he isn't dead!!!!

Seven Oaks said...

Nope - he lived. Wasn't here to see it or stop it but sure heard about it.....and we certainly don't recommend it. Serious body damage could happen and it is never worth it. Let's be smart and we have fun.

Nick D said...

The barrel is a Jib - Not A Jump. People need to be more aware and understanding of the hill. The Sign at the very top reminds you to ride at your ability level.

People like this guy should be a reminder to all of us the dangers involved in the sport.

Be safe and more importantly - Be Smart!

As for the First comment - I appreciate the remarks - The jumps are great, and maybe we can go bigger someday. We focus on park progression so check back later in the year for features changing in the park.