Thursday, January 22, 2009

Temps are great right now.......

If you are a blogger, you are also probably a regular at Seven Oaks......and know that the weather tonight is supposed to be really sweeeet.

Colder temps coming but not horrible........should continue to be great snow....and I see some snow chances in the forecast too. Saw that in southern Iowa there is basically NO snow on the ground. You and I know we want to keep it white in Boone County.

Ski patrol had their annual chairlift evac refresher last Sunday. Everything went I said earlier, we have NEVER had to use it but sure want to be ready in the unlikely event we would have to.

I'll try to get more pics on soon.

Enjoy winter.......and we'll see you on the slopes.

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Anonymous said...

Put more rails on the rail yard maybe have a bigger jump but all and all nice powder looking forward to coming this Sunday.