Monday, December 29, 2008

Wow - what a weekend !

Talk about a mixed bag of weather, we certainly had it this past weekend didn't we. The temps just kept rising Friday but the people just kept on coming.......and NO lift lines........that's great. The new triple makes such a difference! Then late in the afternoon the fog starts getting a little thicker and denser and thicker and rollin across the snow til it was tough to see the top of the lift by the end of the night........but it didn't seem to bother the riders and skiers......

Stayed warm all night til about 3 am when the winds switched to the northwest and the temps began to drop. Got on the snow at about 5 am and proceeded to groom for 8 1/2 hours. Did get a lot of comments from people on Saturday that they were amazed at the quality of the snow Saturday in view of the unseasonably warm temps just hours before. If you were at Seven Oaks on Saturday or Sunday you saw how the water was still running out from under the snow. As the temps drop, the water gets squeeezed out and runs at ground level to the bottom.

But wait, there's more.

Temps dropped Saturday evening so we were able to start a couple guns at 7 pm and run all of them for 13 hours....putting a nice fresh white blanket on virtually everything. Chose to not push any of the piles since they were small and the wind had done a good job - - along with Marty and Steve moving the guns regularly --- great job guys ----spreading the snow over all the trails. With the mild temps, sunshine and fresh snow the conditions were fantastic Sunday.

Had a nice lady stop in the lodge to tell me how great the instructors were with her and her family earlier in the day. I know one of the instructors was Dan but not sure who else helped her family. She said she witnessed all the instructors being very patient with people that weren't part of her group. It is great to hear those comments and we DO pass them along to our staff. Thanks a bunch.

We are open this week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm for the holiday week. Looks like we will make snow again Tuesday night and Thursday night.

My three grandkids that got skis and boots for Christmas got to try them out Friday and my grandson with the new board got to break it in on Sunday. They were all pleased with the new equipment........and my two six year old grand daughters let me know the new skis were "really fast"!

Note to all : have fun but please be smart and safe on New Years Eve........please.

keep it white


Zippy said...

Hi, Rick I enjoy reading your blog and the pictures are super! Thanks for posting all those excelent pics of the new lift and your employees. Why not issue name badges for your folks?

Seven Oaks said...

I don't have a great answer to your question. We did the first couple of years and then just stopped. We'll look into it again...and thanks for the comments.