Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Passed the TESTS !

Pretty much snowed the entire day during all the tests that had to be done for the new chairlift with the engineer/inspector but they were all completed on schedule yesterday. What a relief......not to pass as we were very confident it would but more a relief that the hours and hours of work are behind us. Todd, our guy from Ohio, that supervised the installation did a fantastic job......was maticulous with the dimensions and work in general .....and a real pleasure to work with. He is leaving us tomorrow morning to drive back to Ohio.......hoping ahead of the incoming storm. The engineer left at 6:30 this morning to catch his flight back to Spokane.

So.........the chairlift is scheduled to operate this Saturday when we open. Won't that be different to have Two Triples to ride this year!

First school group comes today so everyone is getting ready for them.

We got about 4 to 5 inches yesterday and we continued to run all the guns throughout the snowstorm and all night last night. We are pushing snow now.

keep it white


Anonymous said...

show the snow!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect. just in time. I would like to go snow skiing with a few of my employees on Friday evening.

why cant you open the new lift on Friday?

Seven Oaks said...

Well in fact we might just be ready to run the new lift Friday night....but if we will probably only be for Abbys Alley until all the snow is pushed and groomed for the Freeway to open. We'll just have to see but there is a good chance. the snow,,,,,okay I'll try but I'ld rather you come see it!