Monday, December 8, 2008

Opening Day is Behind Us

A lot of work was done again before Sunday to get ready to open our winter season on Sunday but it all happened and we had a great crowd on Sunday ........all anxious to get back on the snow.
New clothing will be delivered to the retail shop on this Saturday.

All the chairs are being installed today, which will make it look more like a chairlift than before. A few items remain which will be buttoned up this we should be ready for the engineer to test and inspect a week from tomorrow as scheduled.

Todd, Ken, Joel, Kris, Twigg, Frost, Sleepy and Jody have all been troopers putting in lots of hours and working hard to get the chairlift built. Thanks guys and Thanks Dee for taking such good care of the gang when it was meal time! Plus we have had some great help from contractors Snow, Paul and Al on several occasions during the process.

Hey, did you see the forecast for tonite and tomorrow.......hope the ice doesn't happen but 4 to 8 inches of natural would be sweet.

Keep it White

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