Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pics of the ticket/retail area

Here's a little tour of the new path our skiers, shredders and tubers will take this winter.

In this view you can see we now have "two bridges". You will enter the new door by using the left bridge to get your tickets.

Once inside you can either go thru the side door to head to tubing, the chairlifts or rental...(the one on the right in this photo.....

......or into the lodge using this door.

Here are a couple shots of the ticket/retail area.
At this time we think one register will be for snowtubing and season pass holders and the other for day visitors.

Here are a couple shots standing in the original lodge looking at the door that takes you to retail/tickets. Yep, that's the old office with most of the walls removed.

Looking forward to seeing the way the guns are all still ON and blowing snow!

keep it white.....til next time


Anonymous said...

the photos look great!! cant wait for to come out!

Anonymous said...

The pictures look Great I can't wait to see the new ticket area. See you Sunday