Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You Know We Are Getting Closer When......

....All the NSPS......National Ski Patrol have their annual refresher as was conducted all day last Sunday.

....The one day season pass sale and swap is less than two weeks away. Sunday October 18 from 9 am to 5 pm.........and more new equipment than ever is being brought in for the day.

....Kris tells me the groomer is 100% ready to roll

....Kris tells me the snow guns are 100% ready

....Kris tells me the chairlifts are completely maintenanced and ready.

....You can see your breath in the morning air......and it's not from what you ate the night before.

....People are starting to send in applications to work at Seven Oaks this winter.

These are all signs that winter is not far away. Paintball is still going strong, river tubing is done and the tubes placed in storage, canoe and kayak is still available for four more weeks weather permitting, the leaves are beginning to get some noticeable color. Makes me wonder just how soon we will get our first snow.......and when we will make the first snow.

Last Friday after Five was another good one. Met some new friends from Nevada that came over to hear Larry Myer perform in the lodge.......just cause one of them had heard him before. Food from Grand Times, as usual was grand!

Oh yeah, the geese are flying south too.

see you at the sale and swap day.


Anonymous said...

im ready!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Random Question here. Are yo having the same setup on rail yard (like the double box and the two ramps on the top)?!? That was the best setup in a couple of years.

Seven Oaks said...

With regard to the question about the set up for the yard this year.....well I don't really know. I do think Ken is planning a similar set up but to say the same I'm not sure. All the features are in the shop getting a fresh coat of bright colored paints now. I'll see if I can learn more for you and make another post. thanks