Friday, October 23, 2009

in the mood

really nice weather the first couple days of the week but wow, when the front came thru and dropped the temps again, it can sure put me in the mood to make snow and get the cat out to push and groom. my guess is we will get the green run open and the blue run so we can satisfy different levels of riders and skiers opening day from the Riblet lift. Of course we will open more if we get some snow from the sky and / or have favorable cold temps to keep the guns on for extended time....but it takes a lot of snow to get everything open every year. a couple more guns and more water for snowmaking will help this season.

Season passes still available at today's prices for seven more days...

Have an ISU house party in the lodge tonight and the Boone Hospital fundraiser in the lodge Saturday we're still busy....

winter feels good

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