Sunday, October 11, 2009

M-T-W-TH-F-SA-Swap & Sale

It's coming quick.......the swap and season pass sale........just six days away.

The team has been putting a fresh coat of paint on a lot of things the past week.......rental building interior, rails, original lodge walls, bathrooms ........and new ceiling tile too. Had another wedding reception in the lodge Saturday night and the set up .......decorations looked did the lodge.

Did you see some in south eastern Iowa got about 3 inches of snow's like a record from what I read.

Had a long talk Saturday about getting more equipment for the rental shop - boards, boots and longer skis........we'll see what develops. Also had a long talk about hoodies and shirts for retail this winter too. Got some neat ideas.

Remember - cover your cough and wash your hands.......don't need H1N1 or R2D2 messing with your availability to come to the swap and sale Sunday.......or the opening day for the season. Stay Healthy!


Anonymous said...

do previously employed seven oaks employees need to re-apply to work this coming season?

Seven Oaks said...

sure do. go ahead and contact Ken to get the details. thanks