Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warm and Wonderful

Pretty warm Satruday and today wasn't it. Lots of you came to ski, ride and tube.......and a lot were in short sleeve shirts too. Made us a little nervous about keeping good conditions for you but I think we pulled it off...........we know it wasn't perfect like it was in all of December and January but.....WOW was warm.

We, like you are watching the forecast closely........the rain scares us the most but there isn't one thing we can do but wait and react. If it gets cold enough we WILL make SNOW. Forecasts are all over the map and changing by the hour so who knows what will really happen.

Oh yeah, had a great Late Nite Saturday night too.

The cameraman from WHO TV was on site Saturday shooting footage that we will use to put together next winters commercial. Such a bright sunny day, good crowd, very white snow........I think we got some great shots.

Have a great Monday........and as always.......

Enjoy Winter.......

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