Wednesday, February 4, 2009

some ramblings....

Have a school on site today.......then open to public at 4 pm.

Thursday is open at 4 pm

Friday is a big school and open at 4 we are trying to get some live music in the lodge for friday night.

Saturday - warm temps predicted.......should not melt us out or even close to it. Should be PERFECT weather for the Late Nite.

Sunday - warm but cooler than Sunday. Have TV crew scheduled to be on site to shoot new footage for next winter's commercials. You might be on TV !

when it comes to the weather forecast we are watching the "rain" predicted for Sunday night and Monday a whole lot closer than the warm temps Friday thru Sunday. Some models have the rain being south of Seven Oaks......hope so......but if not.......we WILL blow all NEW snow if we have to. Hey it's still early in the season and we are not done with winter fun.

more later and enjoy winter........

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Anonymous said...

Sweet The TV crew will be there I'll Have to come do some of my tricks