Monday, February 16, 2009

Great Weekend

Well, the big snow storm was a one inch storm for Seven Oaks on Friday night.......Omaha to DSM to Ia City got most........but......hey, we'll take the inch. Made snow Thursday night, got the inch Friday night, made great snow Saturday night we are in very good shape. The most common comment received this weekend was how everyone was blown away with how good the conditions were following the really warm stretch. Most of that we owe to Joel spending 16, yep sixteen hours on the trails with the snowcat working and working the snow before Friday.

Some talk of more snow on Wednesday.......we'll see.
But the weather Saturday and Sunday was gorgeous.......perfect.......awesome....

Sunday morning another feature was put's a pic.

Saturday night is Late Nite at Seven Oaks with a slope style competition. We'll make new powder in the park before then so the conditions should be great......and I've heard there is a lot of interest in the lots.

One blogger commented "what's cousins weekend?" Well for the past three years several of my nieces and nephews with their families from all over have joined my family at Seven Oaks for a three day weekend of fun.........and they are all cousins. Maybe I should market that next year as a discounted "cousins weekend" for everyone.........but how would I know who the cousins are?

Here is one niece from South Dakota that I captured on the snow Sunday afternoon.
Cute huh......and she is the mother of nine............uhhh......maybe thats two.......
Open today Presidents Day from 10 to 6.......hope to see you......

enjoy winter.........


Anonymous said...

The snow was awesome Sunday. Joel, you rock on the groomer!

Nick Dell said...

I would like to add a special thanks to Rick, Ken, and several customers who helped shovel snow when setting this feature. Its Silly but its a lot of fun!

The competition should a lot of fun - there is a Facebook page about it if you want to look it up too!

The event is titled
"Seven Oaks Late Night Slopestyle Competition"

Should be a great time!

Anonymous said...

dude!!!! sick!

Anonymous said...

can you guys come up with something a little less sketchy and a little more intense? instead of asking the same people what features to put in the park why don't you ask the riders???

Nick Dell said...

I ask the riders all the time, when I am riding the park... This feature was set due to the current snow depth and conditions. We did not have a big enough pile for a large feature.

What sort of feature are you looking for?

We currently have the 40' Rail and the Flat Down set. The Flat down has two side approaches as well as a front approach and it is certainly an advanced feature.

Tell us what your looking for.