Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A couple quick notes

  • the summer canoe, kayak and tube floats are finished for the year. Paintball continues.
  • this friday night is our November Friday after Five - with wine tasting, cheese sampling and live music
  • last week and thru the weekend, all the tower bases were set in place and concrete poured, just like tower one; another huge block of concrete was poured on Saturday for the corner opposite the counterweight, the top bull wheel new bearings and main shaft were re-installed, tower one was made ready to stand in place......and more.
  • looks like this week tower one will be set in place and bolted; the power room will be lifted on top of the gantry and the counterweight, all 30,000+ pounds of it, will be set in place as well. We'll try to get some new pics this Saturday.
  • staff is getting everything ready for the winter season this week as well. All the new signs for the lifts and park were ordered to be consistent with the new standard.
  • several events taking place at the lodge this week and weekend also.
  • See you friday night!


Mark VH said...

And.......The hill got mowed again. This time with a 20' cutter with only 13' operational. It took till near midnight to get done to beat the rain - but the majority is lopped off and ready for some snowfall!

Seven Oaks said...

......and the hill looks great! Thanks..

Anonymous said...

so you guys think that lift will be up in time?

Anonymous said...

snow baby snow!

Seven Oaks said...

yep, we think the lift will be ready to use this winter. Not saying we won't have "cold fingers" and not saying we won't be making snow when we finish....but we will finish in time to use this winter.

Cole said...

More pictures, more pictures!!!! Also do you plan on making snow anytime soon???

Anonymous said...

more pictures?