Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work continues

It has been nice to have the rain and wind out of the daily variables for the past couple of days and the forecast I saw has clear skies for the next six or seven days. Great!

Work has continued on the chairlift installation every day this week. A lot of the work done isn't worthy of pictures, ie replacing bearings, new bolts and nuts, new sheave liners, etc.

But yesterday we received the first two tower bases and got tower base number one installed. Here are some photos of yesterdays process. The process consists of digging a hole 4 ft X 6 ft X 8 ft deep; then lowering the 18" diameter steel tube tower base in the hole; line it up per the blueprints

then fill the hole with lots of concrete

and finish with a confirmation of all the angles and dimensions......then put a finish on the concrete.

This process between today (thursday) and tomorrow will be repeated five more times for the five remaining tower bases.
Looks like the week of November 10 we will be setting the towers, installing the top bull wheel and placing the drive house on top of the gantry...........keepin on! Talked to the firm in Missouri that will come on site to splice the steel cable and he is ready when we's all coming together.

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Anonymous said...

very nice! this winter will be great!