Sunday, November 23, 2008

Progress in the midst of a snowstorm

Wow, ended up being more than a few flurries Saturday. Think we ended up with about three inches at Seven Oaks. Not enough to open on it's own but sure made things white.........and tough to work in which we did anyway. Maybe it is an indicator as to what this winter is going to be like. Snapped a couple pics during the heavy snow.

Like I said, even though the heavy snow was was coming down, we went ahead and put a few more things up for the chairlift! Got the top bull wheel installed and all the required hardware plus towers one and two. It was just too slick to get the equipment up the hill to set tower three........but that should still happen this week. Worked again Sunday putting the hoops around the towers. The hoops keep the chairs from ever swinging into the towers when the lift is operating.
Have a private party Friday night in the lodge and then a big fundraiser in the lodge Saturday night.
Looks like snowmaking temps again Saturday night after Thanksgiving..........might even get more snow made tomorrow night and maybe Tuesday night........we'll see and I'll let you know via the blog if we do.

Remember to get your date picked for your group's winter outing-------reservations are coming in on a regular basis now.

More later..........keep it white!

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Anonymous said...

November ends all white...
Season looking dynamite!