Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What comes down must go UP !

After lots of prep work, Monday September 22 was the day for removal of all the really heavy components of the chair lift that is coming down so it can be rebuilt at Seven Oaks.....yet this fall.

It all started happening in earnest at 8 am that morning.

The large rented crane with operator arrived on schedule and first removed the gantry with the bottom bull wheel. It was a pretty awesome sight to have the 30,000 pound unit lifted off its frame.

Then it was hold your breath as the unit was hoisted high in the air to be positioned over the truck.

Felt better when it was at least over the truck trailer.

But felt great to have it resting solidly on the trailer and ready for straps.

Then we removed the balance of the frame work and the large, no very large, concrete counterweight and placed it on a second truck. We called it a day, knowing Tuesday would be here in a few hours and we would be removing all six towers and the top bull wheel.

Sleep a few hours here.

And then it was Tuesday when the first tower came down at 8:15 am. - Climb the 30 foot towers and attach the lifting straps and cables, remove the final bolts at the base, and lift it off the base......another awesome sight!

Then each tower was transported to the bottom of the hill so all the hardware at the top of each tower could be removed at ground level before loading on two more trucks.

At the end of Tuesday we had the job done, four semi trailers loaded and secured.......ready to come to Seven Oaks for unloading.

Sleep a little more here.
And by Wednesday morning September 24 at 11:30 am the first two loads were off and staged on the lawn ready for re installation.......

.....along with all the chairs that were removed and transported to Seven Oaks a couple weeks ago.

On Thursday morning (tomorrow), the initial two loads will arrive at Seven Oaks so that another crane can lift them off and stage them ready for assembly.

So stay tuned.......there is more to come. Just think how cool it will be to have this chair lift running this winter !!!!!

ps. the season pass sale and swap is Sunday October 19.


Nick Dell said...

I just got the chills!! Cant Wait

Seven Oaks said...

we are pretty pumped too! Can't snow too early though cause there is still some work to be done getting this baby installed. See you soon.