Friday, September 19, 2008

chair lift update

As of today the cable has been removed from the chair lift that is coming to Seven Oaks, and has been spooled on to a big reel for transporting. On Monday of next week the crane will be on site to load the gantry and the counterweight onto trucks. Then on Tuesday the six towers and top bull wheel will be loaded on two more trucks. By Thursday night it should all be setting on the ground at Seven Oaks.

The lodge progress also continues. We have been using the west end for retail and ticket sales for the past couple of weeks.

This Saturday, tomorrow, is the third annual Dragoon River Romp with volunteers registering at Seven Oaks then heading to the river to remove all the trash that can be found. The day will end with a ceremony and meal at the lodge.

Don't forget the annual season pass sale and swap will be Sunday, October 19......which is coming right up.

Lot's of paintball groups coming this weekend. Weather is great so there is still time to bring your group groups, bachelor party, birthday party, friends, etc etc.

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