Thursday, September 25, 2008

and then there were four truckloads off loaded..... shortly after noon today the final two trucks had arrived as well as the crane and the contents of the two trailers were safely setting on the ground......Yeah!

the gantry is the black building that when completely assembled sets overhead and houses the drive motor, drive gear, controls and the back up gasoline engine.

the large block of concrete and steel setting next to the gantry is the 30,000 pound counterweight.

Sure we know where all the pieces go...........we took them apart........and we have another engineer from Ohio that has installed chair lifts across North America for the past 30 years helping us!

Now once the engineer in Spokane Washington has finished the exact locations of each tower the holes will be dug and large amounts of concrete poured......stay tuned.
make sure your friends know the date for the season pass sale........October 19.
...and yes, progress continues on the lodge addition. Everything is painted on the interior and the doors and trim are being installed. Floor covering will be done in the next week or so.....we'll give some tours during the season pass sale.


Anonymous said...

you guys should build some big snowboard jumps this year. you havent had any in a few years

Anonymous said...

HUGE PROGRESS!!!!!! great!

Anonymous said...

any more updates for us?!?! im antzzzy!