Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday nite and Tonite

Quick update. Got to turn the snow guns on about 1 am this morning and run til the sun came up. Best snow was made the last couple hours when we dropped into the teens in the valley.

Tonite we got the guns on about 6:30 and hope the temps and especially the humidity drop as they are keeping us at about the lowest volume you can run right now and still be making snow. This isn't unusual for the end of November....marginal temps that rise and drop often accompanied by wide humidity swings as well. The guys just babysit the equipment all night long and adjust everything in response to changing temps, humidity and wind.......both speed and wind direction.

......tis the season.........

.....but the outlook appears to be in our favor with temps gradually dropping..

stay tuned..........and I will try to get some pics for the next post.........

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