Sunday, November 27, 2011

Looks for sure.........

........that we will be making snow tonight!! Every weather forecast I checked last night and again this morning would have the temps cold enough tonight to turn the guns on. In fact, when looking at the seven day forecast, the only night that might be too warm to make snow is Monday night. We will have to wait and see. Seems the forecast changes pretty often and the temps in the valley can be a little colder than in town. We are excited.

......Some more of the fence is being put up today, which is generally one of the last things to do before we open.

......I will try to keep everyone updated here on a regular basis from now til we open so you can make your plans accordingly. As ususal, we will focus on the School yard and Abby's Alley and open more trails from there as the snowmaking progresses.

Checked yesterday on the status of the Seven Oaks clothing and it should be on-site Thursday. More on this too as we get closer.

Tuesday night will be on-the-hill training for our new employees and a refresher for those that are returning. What a GREAT group we have on board again this year. Our team is awesome!!

Ready or not, here we go............and we are ready!!

.......See you on the slopes soon........

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