Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day three of this season

Snow groomed beautifully this morning. Rebuilt the landing off the box last night and changed up the unload on Valley View last night when we closed so it would freeze in....then groomed at 8 this morning. Busy day yesterday and starting off good today as well. Just got out of the groomer again after pushing out the four HUGE piles of snow at tubing and the decent pile at the bottom of drop zone. Fun....

Temps look great for snowmaking every night this coming week. Little doubt on drop zone and tubing being ready friday night. Also trying to have Elwoods Hideout ready too.......but we will have to see how all the snowmaking goes.

Corporate Christmas party in the lodge one night this week, then two smaller gigs as well.....but the snow must go on.....

remember the first Late Nite is this coming Saturday night.


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Anonymous said...

any special events going on at this first late night??? free monster???