Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Past, Present and Future

As I sat down this morning to decide what tasks I needed and wanted to accomplish today I started to get a bit overwhelmed. So,  I took a few minutes to reflect on the past several years.  What have we done to improve our business, what employees really stand out from the others with their work ethic, how many smiles and memories did we help create, what improvements need to be done before winter season, what will we do for future improvements???????  WOW!!!
Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I arrived at Seven Oaks, and thought to myself ...how in the world are we going to make this place a ski area?  And when we do make it a ski area, will we get the support from the local people to keep us moving forward.  Boy was I simple minded then...who would have guessed we would be much much more than just a ski area.  We now offer ski, snowboard, snow tube, canoe, kayak, river tube, paintball, hike and mt bike trails, bar, caterer, facility rentals, mud run and tent camping..... AND that is just the list of the activities that have continued to work for us...there is a looong list of things that we tried and did not work...anyone remember "Jesus Fest"?  Unfortunately I still do...never thought we could lose so much money in one weekend!  It took years to recover from that one!  I guess that it was a learning experience and those experiences have allowed us to make smart decisions and allow us to be what we are today.

Want to look back in the past with me?  It does not go way back to 1997 but it does go back a few years...take a look at our photo section of our Facebook page.. .https://www.facebook.com/SevenOaksRecreation/photos_stream ...filled with a lot of great memories!

What does the future bring for me and Seven Oaks???  Only time will tell.  I look forward to continuing the Seven Oaks story!

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