Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting Ready........You and Us

As we are rapidly approaching the end of November....... and since early December is the usual time that Seven Oaks opens for the winter season, we have had multiple lists of things we have to accomplish to be ready.  And those lists are dwindling down to almost nothing left......which is a good thing.

And speaking of lists, let's review another check list to make sure you too are ready for opening day.  It's been about nine months since you were last on the snow and you put your winter stuff in the closet or maybe the basement or even the garage.

  • So first things first........find your equipment!  Where exactly did you store it?  Can you locate your skis,  snowboards, boots, ski poles, helmet and goggles?
  • Once you have relocated your equipment, check it over to make sure you have no surprises when you're ready to go out the door and hit the slopes.  Might be time to wax the board or skis ....and maybe a tune up as well.
  • Kids especially need to make sure they didn't outgrow their equipment over the summer.  Try on those boots and helmets. 
  • Might as well get clothing located too.  If you think remembering where you stored your boots is challenging, wait til you try to remember where you put all your winter clothing!  Jackets, pants or 'em..........but where did you put the favorite socks.......and your classy beanie and the gloves or mittens?  
  • Once again........those kids in the family might have grown some since they last had their winter clothes on so to avoid the last minute panic, they should be tried on to make sure they still fit.  And hey......that big Thanksgiving meal might have changed your size to be on the safe side, maybe everyone needs to try on the clothing.
  • We know everyone uses their legs a lot when skiing or a few extra minutes of walking, climbing, stretching and general exercising will pay dividends on day one.
Taking a few moments to run through the checklist will help you be ready to enjoy your first of many days on the slopes this winter.  Let's have some fun!

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