Friday, June 17, 2011

Mid June Busy Time

When the temps increase this time of year so does the activity here. Paintball groups here yesterday, today, Saturday and Sunday. People floating on the river every day this week and this coming weekend is busy too. Wedding rehersal dinner in the lodge tonight and a large outdoor wedding with reception on site Saturday.

In the meantime we have finished the new barricades (posts and ropes) in the campground to keep vehicles from driving into the camp sites.......had to do it in our minds for safety........don't need some youngster having an accident with a vehicle........I am sure you agree. Our new camp host Josh is doing a good job too.

We have also been discussing what differentiates us from other things people can do with their discretionary time and money .......and came up with this short you agree?

  • We provide outdoor recreation

  • Guests are participants and not just spectators

  • Many of our activities are unique to Iowa

  • Our activities are a means to socializing

  • Our activities are mentally and physically healthy

  • Our activities are for a diverse age group

  • Our activities are beginner friendly

  • Many of our activities are a sport for life

  • We serve individuals, small groups and large groups

  • We are family owned and family operated

And I could have added but didn't cause so many do say this but often fall short........Seven Oaks is a very friendly team that will do everything possible to give our clients a memorable and favorable experience........and I really think we do just that as is expressed time after time from our clients that send us a written comment, an email or stop on their way out to praise one or more of our team members that in their opinion went above and beyond the call of duty.........and of course we like that! as we are rapidly approaching July and August......our BUSIEST months for river floats, don't hesitate to make your reservation as soon as you know a date and how many watercraft you need so you won't hear us say "sorry we are sold out that day"..........seriously it does happen especially on Saturdays........

......see you soon......

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