Friday, June 25, 2010


I say it that way because there is always some amount of uncertainty when it comes to the weather but.......finally........maybe the weather is going to change for the better.......change to real summer weather.......and not rain every other day. Some of you know that with the rain and the high water on the river we have chosen to NOT float for the past couple weeks.........but looking at the predictions it seems we might be getting back into river floats in about a week or so. It will take some time for the river to settle down to the level we like it but at least the sun is shining and it's hot which will go a long ways in getting us there.

Yesterday was beautiful and today is starting picture perfect too. Had the chance to play in a golf outing at Panorama yesterday and while the course had several very wet fareways, the weather was perfect.

We have a couple of paintball groups yesterday and again Saturday plus have a wedding with reception in the lodge Saturday and another Mt Bike race will be here Saturday as well.

With all the WET weather we have had, virtually everything on our lists have been completed so we are ready.........actually more ready than ever before to get moving with the river traffic.....


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