Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going, going but not gone

Thought I would stick with tradition and give the readers a quick view of the remaining snow as of this morning. It was a good season wasn't it. We're already discussing next season.......what changes we want to introduce in packages, prices, hours, trails, etc.
If you have some thoughts ......that are legit.......drop us a line.

The crew is busy putting the "winter" stuff away and getting ready for paintball and river floats. Plenty to do. Also have a lot of meetings and meals in the lodge this spring. All the carpet has been cleaned , the first time......with more planned after all the winter traffic. Thanks to each of you for using Seven Oaks.
enjoy summer


Kevin Driscoll said...

Great pics of the melting snow, we r on top of the mountain, near Yosemite, and most of the snow has melted here too. We r going to scale el capitian tomorrow, but can't wait to ski seven oaks next ski season.


The Driscolls said...

Great pics of the melting snow, we just got back from Yosemite, and the snow was melting there too.
Can't wait for another great season at seven oaks

Anonymous said...

trail comment. Could you clear the brush and open up the area to the right of the new chair at the top?

Seven Oaks said...

With regard to the bike trail comment....the trail system is still closed at this time. Once it gets dried out we will clean it up. Riding the trail when wet and muddy only does more damage to the trail as it ruts the trail which holds water....slowing the drying process. We should have trail open in early May. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

the trail comment was intended for skiing. It's that little opening to the right of the chair near the top.

Seven Oaks said...

Duh, I missed your point on that one didn't I. Now I understand. Yep, we hope to have the area that you are referring to opened for this coming winter as a new groomed trail......sorry about my misunderstanding.