Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Work on the Lodge Addition has STARTED!

It all started in Late April when the rains finally stopped long enough to do some outdoors work. The Seven Oaks crew removed the small ticket window that had served us so well for all these years!

Then came Paul on May 5 and 6 with the equipment to remove all the black dirt and replace it with compacted clay to form the base.

Again after rain delays, we waited until May 12 when we could trench the footings and foundation followed by pouring them full of concrete. A big thanks to Bill from Oskaloosa for managing the efforts that day.

Then it was time on the same day to form the exterior sides of the floor.

And still on the same day May 12 we leveled and compacted the sand that will support the concrete floor. Big day and everyone was tired when it was over!

In came Dan to install all the plumbing that was needed before the floor was poured. He got all the plumbing completed on May 13 and 14. Thanks Dan. And then on Saturday May 17 we poured 33 yards of concrete for the floor.

On May 18, the plumber returned and got all the piping extended above the floor. Ready for the carpenter.

And then Matt and crew moved in on Monday May 19 to start the carpentery. Progress.

Stay tuned for more updates and we will use the blogger to update everyone for the chair lift installation as well.
See you soon!

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